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I’ve been a bad bad girl…

Will is out of town this week and I did a bad, bad thing. I went shopping, a lot. I haven’t shopped like that in a while. It was so much fun at first but then I started feeling queasy as I made my way to the checkout. Cole was getting a little anxious, we had been there since dinner time and it was past his bedtime already. When had I fed him last? I shook off my tummy butterflies to the fact that I was getting sick thinking that Cole was fixing to throw a fit.

My palms are sweating as the cashier is ringing up my cart load. Cole’s fine. I hand over my precious card and hope to God that there’s enough in the account to cover my purchase. It’s approved, yeah! On my way out I decide to get Cole some McDonald’s because though I’m sure I fed him I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. As soon as he sees me with the bag of food, he starts begging for it! He’s shrieking, whining, and pleading, his little hand opens and closes as if to say, “Gimme”. My poor poor child! I don’t think I had fed my baby dinner. (Lady Etiquette will practice Gimmes with him when he’s older and also not forgetting to feed toddler son).

Anyway, we’re on the way home with a very happy son and my tummy still feels funny. I’m sure you’re thinking I’m preggers, calm down people, that I am not I am sure of. Then Will calls me from Birmingham and he asks what I did all day. I told him I went shopping and I told him about a toy I bought for Cole and something for the computer, and I might have mentioned one or two more items. But I left it at that and he didn’t ask how much I spent to I didn’t divulge that information.

I felt guilty all that night and the next two days (that was because I shopped a little more). Finally, tonight, I fessed up and Will told me I might have to return some of the things but I had already set aside the impulse buys anyway. But he didn’t get mad at all and I feel so much better to have gotten that off my chest! But all I can say is that it’s his fault because I am sad and depressed that he’s gone for a week! Also, the first night I didn’t get much sleep because Cole woke up in the middle of the night and he slept with me. That was a first for him, he sleeps in his crib all night long since he was days old. He was sad too and I was so tired that my judgment was a little off. I guess it’s time to hang up the bad girl belt for a while. Maybe Will will get his bonus this month????? Maybe I’ll keep the belt handy….

Hello Dolly, Goodbye Vegas

As those that read my post a few days ago, you know that I was a little scared about traveling to Vegas and leaving Cole, fears which were compounded by Tropical Storm/Hurricane Dolly. Well, this prompted me to blog our dying wishes. So then an hour after I posted we found out that our trip to Vegas had been canceled. Pretty embarrassing stuff. Luckily, no one knows about our blog but my sister and our friends Blainie-G and J-Bird.

As promised, I deleted the hysterical blog and thank God we are all safe at home. No damage done, some pretty strong winds, lots and lots of rain, lost power for about 18 hours, and our fence is leaning a little but Will’s lemon tree and Burr Oak are fine… he was really worried!

Cole got to play in the wind and rain and he had a fit when we brought him inside. Got video and as soon as I download it I promise to post it.

Since our Vegas trip was canceled, we might go in October for Will’s birthday or November for our Anniversary. My brother and parents have tickets to Vegas also so hopefully we can all go together. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to attend David and Cyndi’s wedding but we did get to see it on Paris Hotel’s website. Pretty neat, huh?

The reason is,…

As you can see by the last two posts (spaced only a few weeks apart) that I am not that good at blogging. That is because of my wonderful Mother’s Day gift. I last posted that I was having trouble wrapping my head around Photoshop and I am happy to report that I get it now, somewhat.

But that’s a start. I have been up late playing with Photoshop and I’m playing with Illustrator too.

Will is not as excited about my gift because though he sees me, it’s from the living room as he glances into the study to check and make sure I am still breathing (aka typing). I’ve been neglecting him some and Cole too. I pride myself on how well he plays by himself but even he lets me know his limits in a very polite way. He doesn’t cry, or tantrum, he just stands behind me and starts choking and gagging. The first time he did this I freaked a little and gave him attention ASAP so now he knows how to get some much needed mommy-time. It’s just too cute.

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