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The best part of waking up,

is Folgers in your rug.

This is why I don’t blog as often as I’d like….Everytime I turn around for just a second to get on the computer, things like this happen.

Need a nap,…don’t need, want

I would sooo love a nap right now! Friday naps with the sun hiding behind the clouds, will it rain, probably, hopefully. It’s been wanting to rain all afternoon but nothing. Cole is going a little stir crazy but the mosquitos are out with a venegance.

The grass is growing quickly and it is driving Will up the wall! He can’t stand the grass to look out of control. It’s so funny. I see him looking out the window from Cole’s room to the grass and his beloved tree, so sad looking. He wants to cut the grass so bad but it rains and so the grass is wet and he can’t.

Oh I got Cole this (I mean these) super duper cute tees that say “Li’l Jaguar Fan” from school. One is gray and one is black. I tried to decide on just one but I kept saying to myslef that Cole looks good in gray. Then I would reason that he looks good in navy too. Then I eralized that he looks good in everything so I got them both so people can see what I mean. As soon as he wears it I’ll take a picture. The kiddos I’m sure would appreciate it.


I hate to tell the world but really, we all know I am not very good at being discreet, so here goes….

I have been wondering for some time at what point I should stop letting Cole see me naked. I always thought that in his time, he would let me know. Guess what? I should have stopped letting him see me naked (and by me I mean we) 2 nights ago.

I’ll skip over some parts of how we determined Cole was too big to be seeing our parts nude except for one. Will was showering last night and I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and so I put Cole in the shower with Will. No big deal, he just usually sits there and plays water basketball or cars as we shampoo him and all that good stuff.

As Will was washing his hair Cole points to Will’s privates and says “pee-pee”. Yeah! We were so proud of him. Then Cole stretches his hand out and points to Will’s rounded privates and says “ball”.

Needless to say, Cole took a bath tonight, alone!

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