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“Mo Money”

“If your hand is open to give, it is open to receive.” -Nanny

Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard is from Nanny. Nanny is Will’s grandmother. She has always been a giver, it’s impossible to do her a favor because she always gives us some “green” – as she calls it. Cole and I will stop for a visit and take her her favorite treat, a Buterfinger Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Then she tells me to look in the “book”. The book is awesome, it grows money! Makes me feel guilty when all I’m trying to do is treat her, and then she ends up giving me more than I had spent on her. So I always ask myself, who is really giving? So Will and I use to talk about wether or not to take her money. We have come to the conclusion that it is her joy. Perhaps it makes her feel needed, or it makes the world go round. But I think about her and how open she is to giving all the time. I don’t think she means money necessarily, but advice, love, kindness, opportunities, faith. It’s The Golden Rule, reworded.

Every Sunday, Nanny gives Cole a dollar and she tells him, “Take it to Daddy”, so he does. Then he comes back to her, holds his hand out, and says “Mo”. She pulls out another dollar and hands it to him and says “Take it to Mommy”, and he does. Then he returns to Nanny, holds out his hand, and says, “Mo”. This continues until everyone has gotten a dollar. Here’s a video of Cole and Nanny doing their thing.


Things have been a little hectic lately and I hate when I don’t get to blog daily. What has been going on, let’s see…

The weather has just been beautiful lately. We have been able to take Cole to ride his motorized 4 Wheeler around the neighborhood and to play at the park and at the neighbors. He has been loving it. So have I.

Cole is saying “Honey” to Will because he heard me call him that once. He says it all sing songsy like he’s calling out to him because when I said it I was asking him to bring me a soda. Oh, he’s also saying “shit”. I’ll leave it at that….

Tea with Santa

Though I had originally nixed the idea, it turns out The Etiquette and Leadership Academy (I) will be at Dias Festivos this year. This is where it gets confusing. I will have a booth there but it will be for Holiday Greeting Cards and Invitations (Chic Farm Designs) not for the etiquette stuff. But I will be doing etiquette stuff there. Junior League of McAllen has asked me to coordinate their Tea with Santa children’s event and I am so excited about that.

What is Dias Festivos, you ask? You can check out their website through the links above, but for easy reference I have pasted some information from their website about it here:

“The Junior League of McAllen will be celebrating Christmas in Candyland! For twenty two years, the Junior League of McAllen has traditionally opened the holiday season with its Dias Festivos Marketplace in order to raise funds for the children of the community. Untold hours of labor organizing this grand shopping extravaganza result in encouragement and education for the youth in Hidalgo County, Texas.”

I’ll give everyone more information about it as we begin putting it together. I’ll also be selling tickets to the event and looking for donations. Anyone interested? It’s for a great cause…..oh and some great shopping. You can even order your Christmas cards there…..

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