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I was so busy trying to get a storyline with pictures of our Turkey day that by the time I got to saying what I was thankful for, I was sooo tired and went to bed.

I kept reminding myself in the middle of Cole’s tantrums yesterday that despite this moment, I am blessed to have him in my life. I was thinking of life before baby. I almost can’t remember. Then I think that I can look back at pictures but it seems that my interest in photography did not really show itself until I had Cole. Perhaps it’s the subject, he is a cutie pie! (Says the mother, I know, I know.)

Anyway, back to the point ADD girl….

So I stumbled on my pictures of Christmas 2006 when I was huge: I was 7 months pregnant. Here’s a pic in case you’re wondering:
I was thankful that I had him. I was thankful that I nursed him. I was thankful that He chose us for him.

Today, though it’s not Thanksgiving, I am thankful that Cole says “Sorry Mama” to me like 30 times a day. I have no clue if he knows what it means but if I have scolded him and after he has calmed down, he will sometimes come up to me and apologize.

I am also thankful for Will. What in the world would I do without him? Just now he bathed Cole and dressed him and put him to bed so I can work on some designs. Now, it just so happens that I got side-tracked and ended up blogging. But hey, this is for a good cause too.

Did you know that in November, Will and I celebrated our 6th year of marriage and our 13th year together? Crazy how time flies. In just a few short years I’ll be able to say that I have been in love with him half my life. I would tell you the exact years but I failed math, a lot, so I decided that if it was important enough you’ll tell me.

I am thankful for my family and for being able to live so close by. I love the chaos of family and friends. I love when my house is a mess: it just means there have been some busy bodies there. It’s like that picture you see of yourself and you think it says so much about how you were really feeling. I mean the joy pictures, where the life and happiness jumps off the page at you. I remeber this day and I used to have this picture in a frame and everytime my sister saw she said I was glowing. I was thankful, and whoever took that picture captured that feeling.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

We started the day late, woke up about 10 am and Will left to Mimi’s to help with the food. I stayed home to get dressed and bathe Cole.Then, he was upset that Yaya took him out of the shower and left his “tuck” (truck). He threw a fit and came back into the bathroom crying. “Down” he says patting the counter. He’s still a little confused with the whole up versus down thing but wer’e working on it. So, in an attempt to make my life easier, I put him on the counter.
He was content and let me finish getting ready. We left for Thanksgiving lunch at Mimi’s and Will was hard at work…

Delicious, as usual. Cole was so excited to see Uncle Mark and Uncle Darrin’s “puppies” that he wanted nothing to do with Nana, or anyone else for that matter. Nana was not happy about that!
Nana will also not be very happy when she reads this post and sees this picture! I am Thankful mother that you don’t get angry very much…

My dad invited Stan, an old family friend over for Thanksgiving. He’s an older widowed man. This is the 2nd or 3rd year that he has spent the holiday with us. I always tease Will that he and Nanny might hook up and when he found out Stan was coming over he said “he better not get any ideas”. Well, they hit it off! I wouldn’t call it a “love connection” but they had a lot in common.
Meanwhile, in the living room, Cole was making a love connection with Tata. He was having a grand ‘ol time playing with him and he kept giving him random hugs and kisses. It was too too cute!
Then he started loving on Mimi and Nana. He kept giving them kisses, one for Mimi, one for Nana, one for Mimi, one for Nana…Then, the rest of the time, we were yelling at Cole to get his finger out of his nose! This is the newest thing of his. He thinks it’s hilarious. We kinda do too, but sh, don’t tell him. We were trying to take a nice family picture and all the while he had his finger up his nose.
We kept pulling it out and he got fed up. No nice family picture if he could’nt poke his nose. No nice family picture it is! We gave up, called it a day and went home for a nap. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

The shortest longest line

Went to see Dr. Duran today to see what the plan was. Should I continue on another round of Clomid or have a dye test done. Resutls: No dye test, higher dose of Clomid. Great except this means more money. Clomid isn’t covered by our insurance.

Solution, Mexico! Isn’t Mexico always the answer? Having a bad day…drink it up in Mexico. Need some quality wood furniture…shop it up in Mexico. Need cheap meds, (or meds without a script)…drug it up in Mexico! Viva Mexico!

I called mom up and she was babysitting so I called Will up and he was like, “just spend the money and get it here”. No way, I am a bargain shopper! Why am I going to spend $60 for them here when I can get them for $12.50 in Reynosa?

So I got Bob, (or Bop, as Cole lovingly refers to him) to go with me. We are in the car just leaving Bob’s and he asks me if I have my passport. Are you kidding me? I am such an airhead! Only me. So he takes me home to get it and we get there, I get my meds, and some for Yaya. We get to the bridge to return and I’m like “Get in this line Bob! Look at how fast it’s moving?” Then guess what happens? Yeah, we see cars passing us by like they’re on a subway. Goodbye car #15, we haven’t moved an inch! We finally get to the Customs Agent and then we’re done. On our way home and Bob says to a friend on the phone, “We got in the shortest longest line”. I thought it was funny and blog-worthy.

Anyway, cycle number 4 on Clomid. Maybe next month….maybe twins :)….

Until then, I was anxious to get home and see my baby! Makes the sun shine despite the rain!

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