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Carnival rides

Cole and I went to the carnival this past week with a friend from when I was working. It was $5 wristband day, all you can ride for $5. Cole rode one ride. The best $5 I ever spent to see his face light up when he saw the trucks.

(Be sure to pause the music on the right.)


There are moments of mommyhood that just take my breath away. There’s the giggle he makes when I throw marshmallows in the air, the way he says “tinky feet”, morning stretches, “movie time” demands, random kisses, pat-pat, waking up to his sleepy smiley face, big eyes, small face, and even the way he whines for me to “carry you”… they take my breath away.

But sometimes, his bon-bon (lollipop) tantrums, spitting food out of his mouth and hurling it across the room, fighting with his cousin, hitting the dogs with a stick, well,… sometimes they take my breath away too. They take my breath away to another room where I can count to ten and compose myself.

That was tonight. After countless times of counting to ten, I finally decided that Cole needed to go into the other room and compose himself. He composed himself right to sleep. Finally, I can cuddle up and baby my husband, who by the way is recovering from a tonsilectomy.

A Mother’s Sacrifice

Will is having his tonsils out tomorrow so we asked mom to watch him for us while we were at the hospital. Of course she said yes. So she came over to pick him up and told us that she would just keep him all day so Will and I could relax. Isn’t she just wonderful? Aside from all of that, she has a broken wrist. My concern was that she would hurt herself changing, carrying, sleeping with, or getting Cole in and out of the carseat. Not too worry she said, she had friends and neighbors that she could call if she needed any help. I am always amazed by the sacrifices my mom and dad make for us. I shouldn’t be though…she’s awesome!

Cole is crazy about his Nana and everytime the doorbell rings his heart skips a beat, “Nana”, he’ll whisper, eyes all wide, ears perked up, as he runs to the door to open it.

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