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Just Beachy!

No beach trip would be compete without:

1.) Daddy
2.) Wadding in the water
3.) Chasing the Seagulls
4.) running into walls
5.) Cole’s trucks
6.) and of course, Nana (aka photographer)Considering how close SPI is to us, we don’t go nearly often enough. First of all, the water is cold, the sand is…gritty, it’s hot, and despite all my efforts, I never tan! So, really, if I can’t tan, what’s the point?

Well, I’ve been dying to go and take Cole because he’s never been. I know, it’s sad, we’ve never taken him. But just for the record, Will and I have had romantic getaways there;)…

So we finally went. Got some great pictures, ate some great food, and spent some fun family time together. I am only posting a few pictures because I am working on something BIG for Father’s Day and since my dear snugglebug reads the blog I don’t want to give the surprise away!

Mom joined us to be our “photographer” because I wanted some great shots, which we got. See post Kisses that Melt, the rest I’d like to work with for Father’s Day and to doctor them up like the pros for framing on our own walls. Let me just clarify, I am not a professional nor do I wish to be, if you want a professional photographer, look for Melissa Rodriguez‘ blog on the right,-her work is fantastic! Now she is a pro-and a sweetheart too! She gave me some good advice and I think they turned out great. Thank you Melissa!I have no idea what he was saying or doing in this picture…

Take a Picture

One night Cole looked so cute I decided to post a picture of him ready to go to bed on his own in his crib. Well, now, every night, as I am shutting the door, he will whisper to me, “Mommy, take a piture.” So tonight, I finally gave in and did. He has to sleep with his wipe, a car, a book, his big a#@ pillow, and his soft blanket. Talk about a set up!I should mention that Cole is just starting to learn to smile. He smiles all the time, just not on request. This is his first attempt at a “smile”-yeah, we’re working on it! This mommy is a fan anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milk Negotiations

Cole: “Mommy, I want applejoos.”
Me: “Honey we’re out of apple juice.”
Cole: “Whaaat aboooowwwt… milk?”

Really,… they start negotiating this young????

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