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tummy overflow

Mom was fitting me with some jeans so she can have them hemmed up. She looked up at me baffled and then laughed. She wasked me why my stomach was hanging over my pants. I guess I knew that it did but I didn’t think anyone else noticed. Besides, doesn’t everyone’s stomach hand over their pants at this age? Anyway, when a mother who very much loves you and can see no wrong sees some wrong, you know it’s high time you get your arse in gear and burn it off.

Went jogging last night and this morning…it’s still there. I got a new jogging partner though, Max. He is much more calm now. Gotta lose that tummy so gonna keep keeping on.

potty training progress

I was so discouraged on Friday with potty training. I think we went through 9 clothes changes and by the end of the night I was at my wits end. It seemed that Punky was taking a step backwards. He had being doing so good, although poop has always been and continues to be a challenge.

This was also the day that I had spoken with Melissa Rodriquez (yes-that fabulous photographer) who has a child about the same age as Cole. We were talking potty training and I was amazed to find that her daughter was no longer wearing diapers at night. My sister was doing that with Kani but he’s gifted and surely I can’t expect that from Cole, who truly doesn’t mind walking around with a load in his pants. I was inspired by Melissa.

I called Will after I left Melissa’s office and of course I posted it to the world on Facebook that I was tossing the diapers. Little did I know what the day had in store for me. Like I mentioned before, lots of clothes changes and some refrain on my part.

Though I was tempted to throw a diaper on him for the night and just start the following day, I took a deep breath, said a little prayer, and put him in his chones (spanish slang for underwear). He went more than 24 hours without an accident! My faith in potty training Punky was restored!

I am looking forward to another week full of itty bitty little laundry loads!

my very own baby girl

I have Becky’s baby shower today and just out of curiosity I looked up her registry at Babies R’ Us. I couldn’t swallow briefly as the page loaded. I couldn’t believe how lucky some people are and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe one day I would be able to pick a bunch of pink and purple stuff for my very own baby girl.

I used to wallow in these thoughts a lot and get very depressed and I am trying very very hard to just block them or quickly get them out of my head. It’s not healthy. I know that but I dwell on these moments sometimes.

Need to get my happy face on now and practice all the nice fake things I need to say. “So happy for you”, yadda yadda yadda….

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