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DIY Play Kitchen

As I was stalking the usual blogs this afternoon I found these great DIY play kitchens. I was inspired,…for all of like 1 minute before I realized that these kitchens that cost them $65 to make would probably cost me $265 to make. This is not including the demands I would make on my overworked and underpaid Hubs or the time outs I would have to put Toddler in for prematurely playing in his kitchen. Sooo,… I will just live vicariously through these domestic divas. They also have some fabulous play kitchen pictures and groups on Flickr that you might find inspiring if you are ever so inclined.

You can click on a picture to be directed to the original blog and post for that play kitchen.

all work and no play

I have been torn lately. Because I don’t know how to tune work out. But I do know how to tune my toddler out. Kinda backwards thinking for someone who has ALWAYS wanted to be a stay at home mommy. So I am struggling with this. Struggling to find this balance between work and play. Struggling to decide which is work and which is play. I know what the answer should be. I know what I’d like it to be. But it’s backwards too.

So I am struggling. Really really struggling to put little man and big man first. Where they should be.

And right now, little man is way past due for a nap. So I should go. I mean I want to go. To lay in bed with him, and try as I might to not sneak out once he’s fast asleep.

A day in the life of an overzealous mom.

Remember the lengths I went through to get him into school last year? Remember how I was THE ONLY ONE who went through those lengths? Well, I do. Guess what day today was? It was registration day at school today. But I was ahead of the game. There was no need for me to stay the night. Existing students have 1st priority.

I was also torn about my choices. There was the 3 day and the 5 day classes. Cole is in 5 day right now. But I love having Cole home. And besides, he’s a late sleeper so school only makes me have to wake up ealrier. Otherwise we’d sleep in till 9 or 10 am. Also, I love having Cole around and I have serious anxiety about him going off to real school so I think I should keep him home while I can…..ugh! Decisions! Decisions!

I drove Cole to school this morning. We arrived 30 minutes late, (at 10) as usual because we slept in. There was a line to register. THERE WAS A LINE! I was in official panic mode. I SHOULD’VE SPENT THE NIGHT!

Ok, I lie. I wasn’t quite that worried. Until I was walking back to my car, past the line, and a parent in Cole’s class says to another parent next in line, “I was #9, you should be ok!”

Ok!,… she’s next! What does that mean? Are there only 10 spots? What’s going on? So I get in line and I’m still not even sure for which class. But scarcity creates demand and I want THAT class,…I think.

So I get in line and I get the scoop: there are 15 spots and I would be ok. It is for the coveted 5 day with Ms. Rosie and Ms. Jeanie who I have heard a lot about. I decide to scope out the classrooms and the teachers. I get out of line to peek in. Immediately I see who Ms. Rosie is and I LOVE her! I see her in the hallway all the time and she smiles and she is so loving! I peek into the 3 day class and I am sure, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that I want Cole with Ms. Rosie. 5 days a week.

So we get in, I register him. But neither A nor N have registered. You know, A is his love, and N is his best bud. So I call the mothers of A and N. Frantically. Get a hold of A’s mom, A gets in. Finally get a hold of N’s mom, she is 1st on the waiting list for that class. So we’re torn because we want N too!!!!!

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