March 2010 archive

Sweet Cars

These were the cars mini cakes that were supposed to be the main attraction (besides Cole!) at his playdate birthday party… we had to make them ourselves and we had quite the time.

Cole got into the cake batter, er powder as you can see by the evidence on his face.

No bueno

Well, I started bleeding and cramping yesterday. It was a very red, very thin flow. At the Drs. they did another vaginal ultrasound and still saw no sac, no thickening of the lining.

They drew blood AGAIN. This time I couldn’t even fathom going another whole weekend wondering. So I asked if they would rush the results. They did. They were at 509 today.

In Will’s words: “No bueno,… we’re back to humping.”

I get to see the OB tomorrow

Sorry I didn’t update you all but I am not nauseous anymore. It was the antibiotics I am taking. They make me feel weird so I am trying to time the taking of it better.

But I see the doc tomorrow! Yay! I was spotting since Tuesday but it’s so minimal and it kinda doesn’t scare me anymore. Tonight I started feeling the ovulating pains too. I hope I’m not ovulating…that would be even more weird than things already are.

I’ll keep you posted,..maybe even from the docs office if I can remember how to text my blog. Please pray for us that a sac can be seen tomorrow if they do an ultrasound.

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