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Cool Songs…for Toddlers

I was watching Practical Magic a few days ago and I love love love the part where the girls have Midnight Margaritas to Coconut by Harry Nilsson. Cole happened to walk in and I was really into it. He thought I was weird but I soon got him singing along. I even managed to get him to replay it and sing it with me.

So on Monday he walks in as I am working away at the computer and says, “Mom I want the cool party song.”

I about fall off my chair. I’m all proud of him. I whisk him up and hug and kiss him. He’s such a party animal! I am such a proud mama! So I get on YouTube and find it and play it.

He gets pissed! Starts yelling “no”!

I’m all like “Yes, just wait….watch, wait for it, now….You put the lime in the coconut….”

“No! That’s not the cool song!”

Yes. Yes. I think it is the cool song.

He insists those aren’t the guys that were singing the cool song on tv. Ohhhh. Light bulb moment. Quite embarrassing that I was belting a margarita song and insisting my toddler love it. Apparanelty, he has horrible taste in music. Curse you Nick jr and Yo Gabba Gabba!!! He meant the Cool Pool Party by the Aquabats.

It really does suck this song. Have a look-see:

Silver Moons

I was just rereading an email I had replied to earlier and the realization hit me. Like it really really hit me,….we’re having a GIRL!!!!! I just couldn’t believe that I get to claim those three simple little words…”We’re having a girl.”

Wow. I’m not sure what I think it means for me. For us. But wow. What a stress reliever. Because I would be worried for the next few years that I may never have a girl. That the name we had staked for our daughter would never be able to be uttered by us for our own.

I think that Cole yearned for a boy though he was always happy to be told by me that it was a girl. He didn’t want to disappoint me so he just insisted there were two in my belly; one for me and one for him. But he’s excited now. Especially since we don’t really ask him if he has a preference anymore. He understand it just is what it is.

Now Mimi (Will’s mom), she’s over the moon excited. She had two boys and Will’s paternal grandmother had three boys. So the cards were stacked against us in her opinion. She finally gets her girl. It was so funny because Will’s dad (Bop) is such a tough guy but he’s really a big ol’ teddy bear. When Will called him to share the news he was like “Let me guess; another boy.” So I think secretly he’s over the moon too to have his very own little princess.

Truth be told, we’re all just over the moon. Gosh, I have so much shopping to do!

We’re thinking PINK!!!!!!

Thought you should all be the first to know that the Dr. thinks that most likely Baby #2 is a little girl. But I don’t want to celebrate too early because what if baby changes….just really superstitious. However,….I am officially hanging up the girl stuff I bought in the closet. HeeHee!!!!

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