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101 Things about me

1. I fear I will never have a daughter.
2. I fear I will never have another child.
3. I am the Queen of Too Much Information.
4. I am the Queen of Keep in Touch.
5. I hate gypsies-you know who you are? You don’t return calls, texts, or emails!
6. I’ve been sued.
7. I suck at math.
8. and time
9. and I get my rights and my lefts confused
10. Don’t even ask me about North East South West!
11. I swallow my gum.
12. I like to look into people’s homes as I am walking in the neighborhood. Evening is best, when the lights are on and the curtains aren’t drawn.
13. I believe in rounding up…
14. I am 5 feet tall
15. I have one child.
16. He was hard to conceive.
17. My father hung the moon.
18. My husband lit the stars.
19. My son is the light of my life.
20. My mother shaped my heart.
21. My sister helped fill it.
22. I am a card designer.
23. I am never satisfied.
24. I am a big dreamer.
25. I am an even bigger believer.
26. I have had many successes.
27. I have had many more failures.
28. I cried before I went to my friend’s baby shower. Alot. Inconsolably.
29. I have always wanted to be a mother.
30. I love being a mother!
31. I wish I was a better mother.
32. I love to swing but never can because Mommies have to push.
33. I dream of having a Tahoe or a Yukon.
34. I would love to live on acreage.
35. I was a long jumper. Ironic, I know? See #14.
36. I wish to grow closer to God
37. I have never smoked pot. Or done drugs.
38. I did get drunk. When I was 2. Ask my mother about it.
39. I remember my dad licking his finger and then wiping the Kool-Aid off my lips before school. Yum, the smell of Daddy spit all day!
40. I cried on my way to work a lot because all I wanted to do was be home and be a wife and mom and daughter, and sister and aunt.
41. I stay home now and I cry because money is tight.
42. I am crying right now too because I just got the first few signs that Aunt Flo will be here soon.
43. I love going out to eat. Not fast food, but where I can be waited on.
44. I have absolutely no depth perception.
45. I wish I was a better sister.
46. I hate olives but I crave them.
47. I think Cinnamon gum smells like spit.
48. I can waste the entire day on the computer.
49. I am not thankful enough to my husband, afterall, he lights the night sky for me. See #18.
49. I can walk with the dog bowl in hand towards the dog food and six hours later realize that the dog has not been fed. See #78.
50. I aim at making my dad proud of who I am.
51. My father is my barometer of good character. If I have made my father proud, I am doing well.
52. I find that writing 101 things about myself is easy. I like to talk about myself.
53. I want to have a house in the East, where my children can have white Christmases.
54. I have only been drunk twice in my life. See #38.
55. I used to make my dad drop me off two blocks from school because I was embarrassed of our car. A baby blue…
56. I wish I saw more of my brother. I miss him.
57. I wish I saw more of my brother in law. I miss him too.
58. I was sexually abused as a child. Twice. But not by my parents.
59. I am so thankful that I have found friends who have inspired me to grow closer to God.
60. I wish I was more mysterious. See #3.
61. My favorite time of the year is Fall. It is when I am most happy and less susceptible to bouts of depression.
62. I have always wanted to be a surrogate. Maybe someday, if I can get past my own infertility issues. *Sigh*
63. I relish in a dirty home. They are signs that a child lives here. And for that I am thankful.
64. My mother in law and I are very close. She had to cath me 3 days after I gave birth to my son. In my home, in my guest bedroom. I wasn’t even embarrassed nor did I think twice about it.
65. My husband is patiently waiting for me to finish my 101 things so we can have sex. See #3 again.
66. I love that my father is a man of very little words.
67. I love that my mother is so emotional.
68. I desperately want another child.
69. I secretly pray for twins or triplets just so that I never have to struggle with getting pregnant again.
70. I eat a bunch of crap and coke.
71. I look like I am 16.
72. I am 30.
73. I like it when people try to guess my age.
74. I like it even more when their eyes pop out of their head when I tell them I am a mother to a toddler and that I am 30.
75. I have been carded for lottery tickets. I was 25.
76. Obviously, I didn’t win. See #41.
77. I have taught elementary and high school. Regular and special ed.
78. I am self-diagnosed Adult ADD.
79. I have been to Cuba and seen the marvels of life without Starbucks.
80. I studied abroad one summer in Innsbruck, Austria and hope to take my family there one day.
81. I have been with my husband for 13 years (14 in November!).
82. My husband and I are high school sweethearts.
83. I suck at math and may have doubled up on a number. Also, I may have done it just to sneak one more thing about me in.
84. I am a certified Etiquette and Protocol Consultant.
85. I had a hard time feeling like I lived up to that title.
86. I feel a lot of shame that I can’t get pregnant. I struggle with this image that somehow I have failed even though I know it is beyond my control.
86. I think Cole looks like a porcelain doll when he sleeps. – Oh, and I cheated again.
87. I like to talk about Cole and motherhood a lot, hence the blog.
88. I need to spend less time on the computer and more time with my family.
89. Every year I tell myself that the next year my house will look and smell like what I feel Fall is. By the looks and smell of my house, Fall sucks and 7 children live here.
90. I am blind as a bat.
91. I love quotes.
92. I love lemon and salt on tomatoes and cucumbers but it’s too much work.
93. Hmmm, I wish I hadn’t cheated at #49 and #86. I am running out of things to say…..
94. I get giddy when I am away from Cole for a few hours and I am about to see him. I’m like a school girl waiting for Santa.
95. I love to meet new people.
96. I fought an iPhone purchase my husband wanted and now I wish we’d gotten them.
97. I’d like to be a Mac girl but I can’t afford the switch.
98. I had a benign tumor in my right breast removed at 16.
99. My right breast is smaller than the left.
100. Tomorrow I will be pissed that I didn’t think to put something down and change a few of these.
101. I had sex during the making of this list. HeeHee. Fingers crossed! See #s 1, 2, 28, 42, and 68.

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