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A Day at the Zoo

We went to the Gladys Porter Zoo on Tuesday. It was such a beautiful day that Will called at about 9 from work and asked if we wanted to go. It was so nice. Tuesday afternoon is a good day to go. It wasn’t at all hectic. We got front row views and most of the time we had the animal views all to ourselves. It wasn’t so overwhelming having to chase a 2 year old in crowds of none.

This chimpanzee kept kissing it’s baby…I guess you can call it “Monkey love”…

Then Cole kissed the goat: goat love???? This was after there were signs clearly stating that these animals may contain diseases….sterilization took place immediately afterwards. Whew!

Cole being a monkey….

still monkey-ing around….

some more….

I wasn’t walking fast enough I guess.

He loved the “lion”.
Sticking his fingers in the fences. Warning him that the animals would jump over the moat and eat his little hand did not frighten him.

Thank goodness for tall daddies. Cole got a bird’s eye view of the animals. I wonder why he doesn’t like being on my shoulders?

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