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A day in the life of an overzealous mom.

Remember the lengths I went through to get him into school last year? Remember how I was THE ONLY ONE who went through those lengths? Well, I do. Guess what day today was? It was registration day at school today. But I was ahead of the game. There was no need for me to stay the night. Existing students have 1st priority.

I was also torn about my choices. There was the 3 day and the 5 day classes. Cole is in 5 day right now. But I love having Cole home. And besides, he’s a late sleeper so school only makes me have to wake up ealrier. Otherwise we’d sleep in till 9 or 10 am. Also, I love having Cole around and I have serious anxiety about him going off to real school so I think I should keep him home while I can…..ugh! Decisions! Decisions!

I drove Cole to school this morning. We arrived 30 minutes late, (at 10) as usual because we slept in. There was a line to register. THERE WAS A LINE! I was in official panic mode. I SHOULD’VE SPENT THE NIGHT!

Ok, I lie. I wasn’t quite that worried. Until I was walking back to my car, past the line, and a parent in Cole’s class says to another parent next in line, “I was #9, you should be ok!”

Ok!,… she’s next! What does that mean? Are there only 10 spots? What’s going on? So I get in line and I’m still not even sure for which class. But scarcity creates demand and I want THAT class,…I think.

So I get in line and I get the scoop: there are 15 spots and I would be ok. It is for the coveted 5 day with Ms. Rosie and Ms. Jeanie who I have heard a lot about. I decide to scope out the classrooms and the teachers. I get out of line to peek in. Immediately I see who Ms. Rosie is and I LOVE her! I see her in the hallway all the time and she smiles and she is so loving! I peek into the 3 day class and I am sure, ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that I want Cole with Ms. Rosie. 5 days a week.

So we get in, I register him. But neither A nor N have registered. You know, A is his love, and N is his best bud. So I call the mothers of A and N. Frantically. Get a hold of A’s mom, A gets in. Finally get a hold of N’s mom, she is 1st on the waiting list for that class. So we’re torn because we want N too!!!!!

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