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A Mother’s Sacrifice

Will is having his tonsils out tomorrow so we asked mom to watch him for us while we were at the hospital. Of course she said yes. So she came over to pick him up and told us that she would just keep him all day so Will and I could relax. Isn’t she just wonderful? Aside from all of that, she has a broken wrist. My concern was that she would hurt herself changing, carrying, sleeping with, or getting Cole in and out of the carseat. Not too worry she said, she had friends and neighbors that she could call if she needed any help. I am always amazed by the sacrifices my mom and dad make for us. I shouldn’t be though…she’s awesome!

Cole is crazy about his Nana and everytime the doorbell rings his heart skips a beat, “Nana”, he’ll whisper, eyes all wide, ears perked up, as he runs to the door to open it.

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  1. tell Will to be brave and hang in there tomorrow!! it will all be ok. also, i forgot to tell you to put a humidifier next to where will sleeps. it is supposed to help the healing and diminish the soreness…

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