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A Reorganization

I was reorganizing my blogs (yes, forget that the house is a complete mess-if my computer files are organized all is peaceful…in my head; and that’s where I have to live) and somewhere along the way (blog #2) I got sidetracked. I started reading each blog just to make sure I could put it in the right folder. You know, is it a friend’s blog, a card blog, a scrapbooking blog, a sewing blog, a totally hilarious blog,…you get the idea.

So I was reading Amanda’s blog, Nanny Deprived and she is such a great writer. Aside from that she has a shop (Nanny Deprived) that has some pretty spiffy stuff. I was reading and I was getting lost in the mess that is her life and I was inspired to be a better blogger and writer. She is funny, witty, and honest and I challenged myself to be half as great as her in blog writing and to try to be more diligent in my posts. After all, my faithful readers expect me to blog everyday. So honey, aka faithful reader, I will attempt to blog daily so you can have a heads up about what I will talk talk about all night:).

So here it is:

I am going to have to combine my two blogs, my personal one (this one) and my stationary one (Chic Farm Designs) because it is just too demanding to write one, nonetheless two.

And every now and then, I will try to be funny or witty or even intelligent, but never too honest! I am working on the whole discretion thing, but dang it’s just so hard! I will try to refrain from being completely honest because our dear friend Blaine seems to think I have a poop fetish, as I talk about it a lot and have been known to take the occasional picture of my toddler’s poop. (In my own defense: sometimes you need proof to show the Doctor why the poop warranted a doctor’s visit, for the fourth time!~that or you want to scrapbook about it and scare the girlies away so he’s always your little boy;)

But really, doesn’t every mom talk about poop… like, a lot?

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