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a well balanced diet

Have you seen that commercial for PediaSure? “It provides Complete, Balanced Nutrition so it helps fill the hole.”
Well, Cole’s diet has a lot of holes. His diet consists of cheese, milk, juice, and apple sauce. I sneak a pancake in (loaded with syrup) or an egg and he never says no to Chick Fil A nuggets (seriously, can anyone say no?). But still, I am well aware that my child, whose growth has been stunted by yours truly, needs a more,..well, balanced diet.
So I saw the commercial and thought it was genius. One a day, I think we can afford. Because hubby is not as easily convinced as I am, I thought that I would just read him the label instead of try to re-enact the commercial. He complained as we went down the aisle that we didn’t need it. I, being the all-knowing mother that I am, insisted we did, and that in a minute-he too would see things from my point of view!
At $9.99 for a package of 6, it appeared that my point of view was not so well balanced after all! It was decided then that I would just have to work a little harder at providing a well balanced diet for my child. Go figure!
Six words Dear: You were right, I was wrong.”

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