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Accidents happen….

So perhaps I spoke too soon. Last night with Maximus was a tad rough. I kinda slept in about 2 hours longer than I had planned. It was 4:40 am when I woke up and saw the clock and jumped up to let Maximus out. I opened the door to his cage and a very wet Maximus ran out and to the door. He left a trail in the house. I was groggy and suspected it was pee but didn’t asses the damage until I came back inside the house. I left Maximus outside so that I can clean up the mess and when I wlaked inside the house (sans socks or shoes) I stepped in wetness and smelled it. My suspicions were right, Max had peed in the cage. Great!!

I had to clean up the pee, spray an enzyme bacteria solution to remove the smell, and then clean out Maximus’ crate. Forty five minutes later I was back in bed, after a slight shower.

Bright side: Cole woke up grumpy and groggy from his nap. He usually eats immediately after his naps so I asked him if he was hungry and wanted to eat. He relpied, “No, see Macimus”. That cheered him up and allowed me to make his lunch without him demanding that it be served immediately.


It was also the only accident Max had the whole day!

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