ADHD/ADD Diagnosis and Support in the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen – Edinburg – Mission

Hi there! Welcome. Perhaps you’ve stumbled on this page because you too are struggling with this diagnosis and everything that comes along with it, like I was.

So why am I talking about ADHD? Well, I’ve had symptoms of it as long as I could remember but it wasn’t until I was 32 and had just had my second child that I was diagnosed. I started seeing a Psychologist and then when I started feeling uncomfortable with him, I stopped going at all. That was in 2011.

Since then, I’ve had a hard time finding the right mental health professional to go to for my ADHD here in the Rio Grande Valley, with an emphasis in McAllen, Texas and it’s surrounding areas.

I’ve been seeing my Primary Care Physician (which I love btw!) for my ADHD care since 2011 – he has been a constant. But I knew there was more to ADHD treatment than just medication and I wanted to seek a professional knowledgeable (read “a specialty”) in ADHD.

It has taken me 6 years to finally do the legwork and make the call to make an appointment because, well,… classic ADHD. Also, our insurance just changed from Blue Cross Blue Shield to Humana so I had to start the search from scratch again.

The urgency came from another place, I was learning that perhaps I wasn’t the only one in my family blessed with attention deficit and it made the search all the more urgent. Not only was I looking for a mental health professional that could help me navigate the world inside my own head, I needed someone who specialized diagnosing and treating ADHD and a lot the other conditions that co-exist or mimic ADHD. To say it is all a little overwhelming is an understatement.

Believe me weary Mama (or Dad),

I understand your struggle.

I may not know your exact struggles but it’s a struggle that tugs at your heart as a parent, and the hurt and the need to take care of our babies is the same. I get that.

But more importantly than that, I get their struggle because I live with ADHD every. single. day.

Take heart in knowing that you and/or your little one is blessed to see the world through the glass of ADHD. They can be successful in spite of the ADHD.

What’s even more awesome than that is that they can be successful because of their ADHD.

Don’t believe me? Read the research for yourself. Among the list are scientists, President’s actors, Nobel Prize winners, Artists, Surgeons, Singer Songwriters and Chaning Tatum. Still the list goes on and on…
10 Most successful People with ADHD
Most comprehensive list of Famous People with confirmed ADHD – 46 and counting!
5 SuperPowers of ADHD

It’s not an easy diagnosis for anyone but knowing you’re not alone makes the challenging days a little more bearable. And know that there will be days,…

If you’re looking for some support or resources in the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding areas, check out our Facebook group of local folks who were struggling with ADHD (either themselves as adults or parenting a child with ADHD). You never know who or what you’ll find on the other side of this diagnosis. You might be pleasantly surprised.

We’re always interested to know others who also share the joys and tribulations of ADHD. Introduce yourself and if you have any tried and true resources, therapists, doctors or tools you’d love to share with the ADHD community, please do so!


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