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Apron Transformation

Aprons are so mysterious to me. I have this thing, some might call it a love affair with them. They serve a purpose, right? Well, not for me. I like to wear them to fold laundry, to design on the computer, to load the dishwasher, to feed the dogs, and I love love walking around in them. I feel sexy (I am always wearing clothes underneath!) and homemaker-ish, like super-mom without having to really be any of those things.

I haven’t been wearing them because my apron collection is…what’s the word,…crappy. I have 2 beautiful aprons that my mom made for me when we had our little gift shop/cafe. But we did wear those to actually wait tables and they got dingy. Still, momma made them and they are just super duper cute. So I can’t part with them. I also have one from Junior league but it’s yellow! School buss does not equal sexy! Will has two but they are normal people size, which makes them way tooo big for me. So, I am apron-less!

I sit here typing on my computer with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders because I feel anything but sexy, homemaker-ish, super mom,… I am blah.

But guess what peoples? Guess what I got for mother’s day? No, not an apron, even better. I got a freakin’ sewing machine! Yeah! I am going to make me my own aprons. Someday, maybe, if I can get away from the computer to learn to use my sewing machine. Crap,…that’s never gonna happen….I am, and will remain, apron-less :`(


  1. I love aprons too! I too have an amazing and overcomplicated sewing machine that I break out once in a while. We should plan on getting together soon to make one. I have a feeling that’s the only way we’ll make it happen!

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