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Are you bery happy?

My Sweet, Sweet Boy,

I hate that I haven’t written to you in so long. Too long. Your precious little being takes up all of my thoughts it should be easier to write more often to you. But I don’t. You are growing like a weed. Everyday you amaze us with your wit, your charm, your energy, your heart.

A few days ago, your teachers Miss Ibeth and Miss Jennifer were telling me that you kept giving Miss Ibeth hugs and kisses. You would kiss her knee, her hand, her arm, while you were at Stretch and Grow, in the classroom, singing songs. You would just get up and give her a kiss.

You also seem to have a slight crush on Allison Tawil. A little red-head in your classroom. Your father and I probably make more of this than you do. This past week Nana was rocking you in an attempt to put your down for a nap. She asked you what you wanted for Christmas and you said you wanted a sister. She asked you what her name would be and your reply was “Allison”.

You have also in recent days been saying a naughty word: God Dammit. I know that your father and I are guilty of having thrown this word around in the past quite freely. But in recent months we have really been watching what we say because you pick things up even when we think you aren’t listening. Nothing seems to get past you anymore. Actually, it never did. We’ve had to spank you a few times for using the naughty word. I think it was this past Saturday that you said it as you were playing in the kitchen. Daddy was making you some eggs. I was on the computer. I think we heard you say it but it was so far in the back of our heads that we didn’t really hear you say it. Well, we might of heard it but we weren’t listening, if that makes any sense. But you caught yourself. You asked Daddy “Daddy, are you bery happy?” Because that’s what you say when you have done something naughty these days. So Daddy asks “What did you say Cole?” because by this time your last words have replayed in his head. So you repeat yourself, “You’re bery happy?” So Daddy asks you “No, what did you say before that?” “God Dammit”, you say with a smirk. You got a spanking but we were impressed with your train of thought.

Well, you’re fast asleep and I am going to hop back in bed so I can watch you sleep. Did I ever tell you you look like a porcelain doll when you sleep?

Much love,

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