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“Are your parents home?”

We get almost daily visitors to our door trying to sell us lawn mowing services, cookies, windmill electricity, meat, etc. I hate opeing the doors. I never, and I mean NEVER answer the door. I usually have to corral Cole into one of the back bedrooms and “hide” out. Seriously. No kidding. I scatter as if immigration has come for us.

So anyway, I have this fear of strangers at the door. It started when I was pregnant and somebody said how people have their babies stolen from them towards the end of their pregnancies. Come to think of it, it was a Lifetime movie. I like Lifetime…

But it really gets to me because they always come and ring the doorbell like 3 times, like if they were being called down to play on the “Price is Right”. Oh, and did I mention that it usually happens during nap time? Well, of course it does.

9 times out of 10 I don’t answer it. But lately, my little monkey has become quite the host. He usually yells “Who dat is?” at the door. Then he tries frantically to open it. So I can’t hide. I have to open it. And then they have the audacity to ask me “Is your Mom or Dad home?”

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