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Back at Work

Went back to work Tuesday and I guess I just haven’t been inspired to blog about sitting in meetings all day. So, I haven’t blogged. It’s just been a nice, peaceful week at home and though much has happened that is blog worthy, I didn’t want to miss the fun by having to sit in front of the computer to write about it as it was happening.

Cole was sad all day Tuesday looking around the house for me. Well that’s what Gloria says at least and her words are music to my ears. When she tells me stuff like that at least. He knocks on my door and calls out “Mama”. Heartbreaking!

He’s also been sick with cough and congestion and diarrhea sprinkled here and there. When I say sprinkled I mean throughout the week, not the house. He now has a very scratchy voice, it is so cute!

I probably need to get off the computer because Cole has managed to climb up behind me on the chair like a dozen times already and it is driving me crazy! I think he wants me to spend some time with him and I probably should.

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