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Bad Mommy

If you are reading this I had just finished posting one (so read the next post to see it) when I realized that I never did post any Halloween pics. Nobody got to see Cole in his costume! Also, I haven’t mailed out our Halloween greeting cards! They were super cute-too bad nobody has seen them -unless you read the blog-you lucky boogers you!

Before you take a peek, let me just tell you that I don’t know what Will was thinking when he was sporting that goatee. Because he can, every once in a while he does. He looks super old-that cradle robber!

Also, you may notice that Cole’s Halloween “costume” are really pajamas. The idea was for Cole to be a fighter pilot with a personalized suit/jumper but we saw these jammies and it was all over once we put them on Cole. They glowed in the dark! We all know how I like a bargain so I was pleased to see that I would be saving $35 going the jammie route. (I got a manicure and pedicure with the savings-…I’m kidding people! What kind of mother do you think I am?)

We went trick or treating to about 4 houses and decided to call it a night because Cole was being a little turd. Every candy he got he would hold it up to us and say “open”. I don’t think so buddy-not this close to bedtime. When we would say no he would throw a mini tantrum and wanted to go his own way. Yeah-we went home and invited Blaine and Birdie over. We stayed up late watching a movie Will picked out-it sucked. But the company was great! Anyway, without any further ado-

Halloween 2008 pics:This is Cole’s godfather. He was Minnie Mouse.

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