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Beautiful Follicles

Warning, this is girl talk so either read on or stop.

This is day 12 of my cycle and I had an appointment with my OBGYN. I am just crazy about him, Dr. Duran. I didn’t see him today but I got to meet his new partner, Dr. Rodriquez. Now I love my Doctor, did I mention that already? Dr. Rodriguez has been there a little over a year and I always kinda insist that I see Dr. D. I was tired today and really couldn’t help that it was Day 12 of my cycle or that the Dr. was at the hospital. So without any hesitation I saw Dr. Rodriguez. And you know what, I really liked him too! He took a look and said that I had 4 follicles that were 2.5 cm big and a few smaller ones on the right side and another large follicle on the left side. They were ripe and ready to produce that one egg! Good news! I just can’t wait for my eggs to drop!

Fingers crossed for us that in the next few days we can make Cole a brother or sister. We’ll be working hard at it and we’ll keep you posted,…

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