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Big Brother

Dear Cole,

We found out on Tuesday (March 9) that you were finally going to be a Big Brother. This was after many many prayers from you to God “to please give my Mommy a baby”. Thanks for intervening for me. You seem to have his ear buddy. Now can you ask him for a Tahoe too to go with the new baby?…I’m just saying….

You have been so good lately about being a big brother. You are taking on the responsibility that this new title carries very well. We are so proud of you!

That day we celebrated by taking you to your Drs. appt to get a vaccine for Hep A. Ok, it wasn’t really a celebration but you were in great spirits and so were Daddy and I. You love going to the Drs.- you’re kinda weird like that. Let me rephrase that,….you loved it.

You knew you were going to get a shot but we failed to describe what a shot might actually be or feel like. You were all bubbly and letting the Dr check your ears, and nose, and throat. Then the Nurse asked you to lay down for your shot and you gladly obliged. She asked you to lay on your back and scoot, you did. And then she pricked you! Twice! You screamed. I felt horrible that I hadn’t warned you. But in my defense I didn’t want to cause anxiety about shots all your life. That’s all I’m saying.

But I held you and you felt safe and you stopped crying after about 30 seconds. We were so proud of you. So we treated you to 2 Matchbox cars (1 for each shot) at Wal Mart. You were ready to go back for some more shots. You’re such a big boy buddy!



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