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Birthday Parties Palooza

Dear Cole,

Today was a crazy day! The chaos started very very early this morning,… 2:30 am in fact. You woke up and came into our room (because for about the last week you have been sleeping in your big boy bed-aka toddler bed.

“Mommy, I made a mess in my bed!”

I walked into your room and immediately I thought you had maybe had a small bout of diarrhea while you slept. I turned on the lights and saw that you had vomited your cottage cheese and grapes in your sleep! Ewww! Then I took you potty and saw it was in your hair and some of your chones. So I wiped you down, put you in our bed and went to change your sheets.

A few minutes later I heard Daddy rustling something and realized you had puked in our bed too. So we moved you to the guest bedroom and Daddy and I cleaned up the messes and I lay down with you.

Then, guess what happened? Yeah, you puked again but this time it wasn’t much and I was able to just wash the pillow. You followed me into the kitchen and you looked so sad and sick. I sat on the cool tile floor and I held you. You started getting sleepy and when I tried to take you into the room again, you asked to stay there and “hold you Mommy”. So I improvised.

We slept in the kitchen all night. You puked one more time as I tried to move you into the back bedroom so I just let you be. I suppose you know what you’re feeling better than I do. Sometimes Little Guy, you’re right….but not usually.

I wasn’t ready to wake up but you were roaring and bursting with energy the next day. So I called in reinforcements. Nana and Kani came over and played with you so I could rest but instead I went shopping for 2 birthday parties you had. Yes, you were one popular boy!!!! On a WEDNESDAY to boot!!!!

We went to Emilio’s (one of your classmates at FUMC) birthday party at FUMC and then to Blake Egan’s pajama party. I loved these jammies on you! So glad we could show them off before you outgrow them.

Afterward we took you shopping for a new pair of lik-e the Kings (Lightning McQueen’s) light up shoes. You just love those black and red shoes. Dawn (Cohen’s Mommy) and I had been talking about how Cohen was growing out of his size 8 shoes and I was all like, “Wow, Cole has a little foot!” So she passed down 2 tennis shoes of Cohen’s and like 2 days later you told me your Lightning’s were “too big” which is Cole talk for too small. So we had to replace them and we were pleased to see they were only $15. So we got you 2 buddy. Now you’ll get to wear them for a few years!

Also, just remembered that Monday we noticed you can open the fridge and freezer all by yourself. It is not an accomplishment we are happy about. Proud yes. Happy,… not so much. Getting you to stop asking for ice cream and ice pops just got harder.

Well Punky, that’s it for tonight. You had a busy day and you need to get some rest. Sleep well because Mommy needs to get some rest to…that tile floor was no walk in the park!

Much love,


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