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Cole has been under the weather since Christmas day. We went over to Mimi’s house in the morning to exchange and open gifts. Cole was excited but drove us crazy after every single gift we opened he demanded “open it”. He looked a little sad but then again we did refuse to open all his gifts. We still have some in the trunk of the car that are unwrapped but it seems it was just too much for him to handle. Actually, maybe it was too much for us to handle…Nothing made him happy:
Not even money:

I went home to take a nap and Will and Cole stayed at Mimi’s to wait for Uncle’s Mark and Darrin to get in from Houston. Will texts me asking me to bring some extra clothes for Cole because he was burning up in his jammies. I know, I know, I forgot to leave his diaper bag in my haste to get to sleep land.

Meanwhile, Cole has grown to like the gift Aunt Wanda gave him. It’s a rockin’ (as in awesome!) horse that neighs and has a brush and everything. Cole was a little freaked out about it at first but he quickly saw the joy in it:
Thank you thank you so much Aunt Wanda! I do also want to say that a few days before Christmas Will had set up the horse so Cole could open it up on Christmas and immediately ride it. We were so thrilled with the horse and knew that Cole would love it and we were so thankful that Aunt Wanda had thought of Cole at Christmas. She and Uncle Bob were in our thoughts. That evening, we found out that Uncle Bob had passed away. So the story about the horse is bittersweet. Even more the reason to treasure it.

I had intended to keep going with the blog but I am kinda sad now and I’ll try to continue it tomorrow. Really, so much more to update but Uncle Bob deserves a whole post to himself.

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