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Blogger Withdrawals

When I don’t get to blog daily I feel all jittery. So much info to release! I guess you could describe it as withdrawal symptoms. So it’s been a few days that I haven’t blogged and shared my daily prayer. You know what that means right? I too have not been reading my prayer book! I am on my last leg at work, just a week and a half more to go but it’s kinda keeping me busy. I have 3 annual meetings (ARDs) tomorrow and though it may mean nothing to most people, all Special Education teachers know that that is a lot of work. Excited still because it’s kinda like the midterm, well my midterms at least. You stay up and cram all night and then you know that right afterwards you’re home free. At least until I start dealing with daily tantrums and boogies. Looking forward to it,… sure am.

Anyway, you do remember that my last day of work is January 16 and I am sooo excited but then kinda sad to be leaving the freedoms working provides. It’ll probably be a long time before my heels see the light of day, my sweat pants and warm ups will start getting worn out and my hair will never be done again. Goodbye Ann Taylor, hello Wal Mart! Actually I already do Wal Mart (but boy do I love Ann Taylor!) so maybe Goodwill,… Ropa Usada? Oh, and let’s not forget the sure income that goes along with working. After writing all that I am tempted to hit backspace and erase everything because I just know that shortly I will get a text from Will saying “I’ve been thinking, maybe you shouldn’t quit”. Not what I want to hear.

So on the flip side, Cole will have his mommy with him all day. I will get to bring up our son with our beliefs and values,… oh God, why am I staying home? Oh that’s right:
1. getting to bond and influence Cole
2. improved quality of life
3. opportunities for personal growth
4. joy in parenting
5. less material focus (no choice really huh?)
6. ability to be there when most needed
7. encouraging Cole’s developement
8. be your own boss (well maybe not-Cole kinda rules the roost)
9. builds a sense of security and trust in Cole
10. making many more memories with Cole

Daily Prayer for January 6:
“Dear Lord, May your will be done…”

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