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Broccoli Victory

It’s rare that we get to eat dinner as a family. We don’t make enough of an effort to do this more often. We should. But tonight, we did. I made this fantastic mac n cheese, Luby’s mac n cheese in fact. All from scratch. I was so excited to see you devour it and instead, you went to town on the salmon. You didn’t touch your mac. Salmon though is good enough for me though. I was a happy Mama.

Then, just when I was pleased that you had had a good dinner, you wanted to try the broccoli. We have never pushed it on you, never put any on your pate because then we all get anxious and try to get you to eat it and then dinner time officially begins to suck,…for all of us. So we just skip the drama. But tonight, you actually anted some broccoli and you had fun picking out the smallest pieces of “tree”. We had fun watching you and we were beaming from ear to ear that you had tried some.

So that was our day today. I enjoyed playing Mommy. I actually cooked you eggs for breakfast, made you a sausage and cheese sandwich for lunch, and then made that 3 course dinner I was telling you about. Wish I did that for you and dad more often. I promise I’ll try.



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