Advanced Yearly Budget Spreadsheet Template
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Budgeting Made Simple and Fun

ok. I know, budgeting isn’t fun. Not when your finances have a hold on you. But it gets fun, I promise, when you take control and you make that money your bitch. Sorry, I cuss a little… but I love Jesus A LOT!

I finally found a budgeting system that I love! I did Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University over 12 years ago. I wanted to get back on track and on budget because I love his plan but it was going to cost me almost $100 for all of the new and updated material and the membership. So, (because I want to be smart with my money and not spend $100!), I ventured out for a budgeting calculator on my own and I have been very happy with these. They serve different purposes and it turns out I really like all this organizational shit so it may be overkill for most.

Most of the budgets I use are on the Zero Based Budget(ZBB), which is my favorite way to budget. In a nutshell, it is a method of budgeting in which all expenses must be justified for each new period. Basically, no penny is left behind. Every single dollar is accounted for and given a name/function etc.

So you want to make the income minus all the expenses equal to zero when budgeting. For example, if after all your expenses are entered you have $500 left over, don’t just leave it hanging there with zero purpose. You have to tell it where to go or you’ll never know what happened to it. I promise. Pinky promise. This money has a way of getting lost and you lose a cnahce to make this money really work for you in getting out of debt or saving for that home remodel or growing your wealth.

So here’s the first budgeting spreadsheet I use…

Advanced Yearly Budget Template
I like this one for a whole year overview. It has month by month budgets and is already prefilled in with recommended percentages for housing, charity, etc. This helps you see what percentage of your budget should be allocated for that. The recommendations are just that, every family has different needs so don’t stress too much over it.

Advanced Yearly Budget Spreadsheet Template
I wish I could remember the source for this template. If you happen to find the original source, please let me know so I can give proper credit and link back to them.

Advanced Yearly Budget Spreadsheet Template

[sdm_download id=”760″ fancy=”0″ new_window=”1″ color=”grey”]


Simple Monthly Budget Template
This one is a lot like the Yearly above except it lets you tackle it one month at a time if that’s where you prefer to start. I usually start the month with this one and then transfer it all into the yearly so I can get the year to date picture. But I think it’s totally unnecessary.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.34.07 AM[sdm_download id=”769″ fancy=”0″ new_window=”1″ color=”grey”]

Snowball Debt Reduction Template
I’m still getting used to this one so I can’t tell you if I like it or not. My focus has been budget because that’s where I suck.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.37.09 AM
Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.37.19 AM

[sdm_download id=”778″ fancy=”0″ new_window=”1″ color=”grey”]

Hope you enjoy the spreadsheets and I hope they help you be even more bad-ass than you are now. You’re slayin’ it Mama!

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