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Checking it Twice

I wanted to get an early start this morning but I knew last night that since it was cold, I would want to sleep in with Cole. So that was the plan. Well, it would have happened anyway and I know better so I planned to sleep in in advance. So this morning Will keeps coming in and out of the room and I am thinking, “you do realize that he’s going to wake up?” I would have said it but I didn’t want to wake him up. I was afraid to move even. Then Will asks me if I have seen his wallet and at this point I can tell that he’s just a tad frazzled. No, the constant coming in and out didn’t tip me off…

So I wonder to myself if he would be upset if I showed my concern from under the covers. He comes in again and looks in the same spot, for the third time. I better get up. So I get up and I look and he looks, and Gloria looks, and even Cole looks. No wallet. As Will is walking out Gloria reminds me that Will had taken his wallet out to buy me a pickle at Wal Mart. He was on his way there anyway but I was hoping to narrow his search. I tell him as he’s driving off and he says that’s probably when I lost it. Oh poop! It’s my fault! So I run inside and call Wal Mart-because I want to save the day. They look and they don’t find it. Will calls me and says he didn’t find it either. Now we’re all anxiously awaiting his arrivcal at work/the bank to see if the cards had been used. Then Will calls me and and says he found it. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! It was in his shirt pocket the whole time! But hey, I got up early afterall.

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