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Chic Farm Designs

I have been talking about wanting to design custom announcements, invitations, and greeting cards. Well, the time has finally come. I have designed a few already and I have been very busy trying to get a website up and running. I am hoping that the shell of the site will be up and going by Wednesday and I can slowly start trying to figure out the shopping cart, gift registry, catalog, etc by the middle of the month.

With the help of some family and friends, I have decided on a name: Chic Farm Designs. Weird name I know but as you all know I have a “thing” for my name (Eggleston) and trying to make it cutesy. So I play on the whole “Egg” thing: notice the title of our blog…. Well, really wanted Chick Farm Designs but that’s taken as far as website is concerned and in the midst of the being bummed feeling, I decided to try dropping the “k”. It gave it a whole new meaning but in the end I think it worked really well because my designs are oh so chic! That doesn’t mean little chickies can’t be my mascot! Really, I still have hope I can incorporate the “chick” thing in there as well. I just noticed I used “thing” quite a few times. It’s late, Cole cried himself to sleep tonight and I am just spent. Oh yeah, worst, the whole time Cole is in his room reapeating (yes, through the sobs), “Mama”. Absolutely heartbreaking!

I’ll keep you all posted as to the progress on Chic Farm Designs, website and all!!!!!!

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