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City Living

Will’s parent’s neighbors have moved out of their home. We were sad to see them leave, but they were “getting on in years” as she has Alzheimers and he decided it was too much house for just himself so he moved to a retirement community.

We had been pondering purchasing the house and putting ours on the market as he had offered it to us for a steal. Well, they had an estate auction today and Will and I got a steal on an antique armoire and hutch/buffet. Let me give credit where it’s deserved-it’s our Christmas gift from Mimi. There had been talk about them auctioning the house right then and there and they did. We were so bummed but it just wasn’t the right time for us. Mimi was bummed too, she was so tempted to get it herself. But nobody did because we are not the Rockefellers people!

I had already envisioned the changes we would make and the updating we would do. But I guess a house in the city doesn’t work well with the acreage I’d like. So good thing He intervened.

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