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Cloud Nine

I’ve been walking on Cloud Nine all week. Yes I have. I also cannot stop cleaning! I am walking around the house with a dustbuster. I think at first it was because I kept thinking that I only have a week or two before morning sickness sets in. It set in at about the 6th week with Cole. So even though every pregnancy is different, I have been pessimistic about it this time around. So I feel that it must be done now-now that I still feel good.

But Will, the optimist that he is, tells me to take it easy. And reminds me that every pregnancy is different. I just feel FANTASTIC right now! I did have a very slight headache that wouldn’t budge and Friday I stayed home from a scrapbooking crop I was looking forward to forever. I cleaned and caught up on work and the headache went away. It must have been anxiety about the messy house and the projects I had going on.

Cole is excited to be a big brother. He threw a tantrum at a store the other day. As I swooped him up to take him to the car, he kicked me. So I told him that he mustn’t do that because he could hurt the baby. I also milked it and told him that it makes the baby and me very sad that he behaves that way.

I had to go into Learning Express the other day for a birthday gift. Last minute as usual which meant I had Cole in tow. Do you see where this is heading? Toddler in toy store….

So, when we left, even after an extensive talk in the car and a “yes mommy, I understand that we will not be buying me any toys”, Cole decided he wanted a toy and/or to stay longer, as in… forever. So I swooped him up but this time I held him with his back to my body so that if he kicked he wouldn’t kick me. Why didn’t I ever think of that? He was unable to use his arms to push off of me. Best idea since sliced bread.

After he calmed down in the car, he asked, tears in his eyes, “Is my baby ok?”

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  1. I am so happy for you!! please keep us posted on every exciting and not so exciting moment. I will be waiting for an update everyday and praying for you and your family!!

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