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As you can see from the picture above, it is spring Summer here in South Texas. It is also barely March. We treated Cole to some outdoor water fun n Friday. He loved it. At the end of that water hose rainbow there is “honey”. Cole informed us of that. We were confused too but quickly realized that what he meant to say was “gold”. So now he calls it “honey and cookies”. We were confused again until we realized that what he meant to say was “milk and cookies”. Well, at least that’s what we think but the boy has a mind all his own. His nickname for Ellie a few weeks back was “Wachili”. We are still confused by that one.

Will was sitting down on the ground playing with Cole. Cole stood up with his back to Will and said “Dad, I’m going to timber.” And then he just let himself fall. Thank goodness Daddy has cat-like reflexes!

Sadly, our son’s vocabulary also consists of “nursing”, “pumping”, and “pacifying”.

Cole has had to be my little helper when Ellie is screaming in the car. He usually givers her her paci. She doesn’t like it much. Sometimes she’ll tolerate it. After repeated attempts to “pacify” Ellie, Cole sighs, puts his arms behind him and matter-of-factly and proclaims “Let her cry.”

I asked Cole if Mommy worked. His reply, “Um, I thiiinnk not.” Pause for some thought. “Yes. You work but at home. You don’t go to like,…” And then he forgot what he was trying to say and walked away. 

When he puts up a fight to go to bed at night, he’ll say, “I don’t want to sleep in my bed, or Ellie’s bed or the crib.” So that leaves Mom and Dad’s bed. If I want a nice peaceful night, he gets the bed until we get in and carry him out. And let’s just say the nights are very peaceful.

When he wants to try to convince me of something, he’ll say, “won’t that be a good idea?” Such as “Hey Mom, after school, if I eat all my snack and lunch, maybe we can go get an ice cream. Won’t that be  a good idea?”

Sometimes he’ll walk into a room and say to me “Hey there cowgirl!”. I love it.

Most of all, I love it when he says “Sure.”

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