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Cole’s first day of school

Today was Cole’s first day of pre-school. We had so much time to prepare and stil did not. Of all the days for Cole not to want to wake up in the morning,m he chose today…when we had somewhere to be. Naturally.

He wasn’t grouchy when I woke him up but I had to give him extra kisses and hugs and tickles to get him up and out of bed. Finally, it was the offer of a gummy bear vitamin that did it.

So off we went to school. He walked in and saw the trucks and we said goodbye and kissed him. We walked out the door, peeked in the windows and by that time he was crying…hysterically. We watched a while and as other parents started leaving and their children started crying, we felt better.

We went home only to return an hour later to “check” on him. They were at the playground and it was ard to get a good look without blowing our cover. So we went to the truck and got Will’s binocs and we went back and stalked our son. He was fine, sitting in the lap of Miss Jennifer, one of his teachers.

But at pick up time he was sooo happy to see us but he didn’t want to leave but he had a tight grip on my hand. He said he had fun and that he wanted to go back tomorrow. He showed me his ladybug stciker and he was all smiles all the way home.

The video is of pick up time.

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