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Como Come Yaya?

This is Cole’s newest thing. He now makes fun of the way Yaya eats. I know what you’re thinking, “that’s not very nice”. The truth is it’s not,…unless Yaya is the one that showed him. Then it’s ok, so it’s ok.

You’re probably wondering a few things, first of all, what does that mean? Secondly, who is Yaya? And lastly, why does he think she eats that way?

Yaya is Cole’s Nanny, Gloria. She is originally from El Salvador and she speaks Spanish. So, naturally, Cole has picked up on a lot of that Spanish. Well, Yaya hates to eat in front of people and I always forget why. Now I know I will never forget. She doesn’t have a few of her back teeth so she has gotten used to eating with her front teeth. Since they eat together a lot, he sees what Will and I don’t get to see very much, exactly how she eats. So one day I got home and Yaya says Cole has been making fun of her. Then she asks Cole (or Thomasito as she calls him), “Como come la Yaya?’ Translation: How does Yaya eat? And this is what he busts out with…

What is so funny about it is that that is exactly what she looks like when she eats. Cole has had the whole family laughing in histerics for quite a while now with his Yaya impersonation.

Yaya, despite being made fun of, is in heaven that she is a star and that I am blogging about her. So much to say about Yaya, perhaps another blog…

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  1. Thanks for the smile. I was really laughing but I couldn’t do it out loud since I was at work. he is too funny, must take after mom.

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