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Confessaholics Annonymous

It’s no secret that I can be a little obsessive compulsive about certain things. We all are, I think. All you have to do is plant a seed of doubt in my head and I am all over that! You know, I am the one that a salesperson can convince to buy that sweater in 7 different colors because “it’s all the rage and you never know which color you might need”. But my shopping confessions are a a whole other story for a whole other post. (Stop smirking MOPS moms!)

When Will and I decided to put Cole in a preschool program, we asked around. We were sold on one school and I asked my friends and they were all very happy with their (and their children) experience. One mother called and reminded me about registration and casually said that last year, a mother had stayed the night just to secure her child a spot.

This is the absolute last thing you need to tell me! Because you know what I have to do now right? That’s right! I have to camp out at the school! So I did and I even managed to convince my mom to join in the “fun” with me. Here’s the proof:
I kow what you must be asking yourself. No, I am not proud. I did it because nobody was supposed to know. But other parents kept showing up at all hours of the night to check on the status of the line (wish I had thought if that) and went home and were comforted by the fact that I was THE ONLY NEUROTIC MOM IN LINE!

A few parent’s did keep coming back to check on us ladies and one even brought us an extension cord and candles. Aww! How sweet was that? Nobody else showed up until 5 am. Silver lining: we had pick of the litter-we got the first available spot of 3 (and then we changed the schdule to full week and there were a lot of those available)! So yay!

I thought I had lived the moment down. People had forgotten. Then I walked into a neighbor at HEB and she asked me where Cole was going to school. So I tld her and she says “That’s a great school!” I smiled and said, “oh, we love it there! Absolutely love it!” Then she says, ” It must be great because there are parents that spend the night the night before registration opens to get in line-it’s that great.”

I froze. I am no longer a shopaholic but I am a confessaholic. {Please, just smile and walk away. Shut up Vannessa. Shut up!}

It has come up a few more times but mostly, people know, or guess that I am the mom that spent the night at school, especially when they see me peeking through the classroom window-all gung ho.

Dear Cole,

There will be moments in your life that you will think Mommy is phsycho. She is. So brush your teeth and eat your veggies or this will become a tradition!

P.S. Mommy loves you very much.


You are very welcome Cole’s school-I have upped the ante for you. I made you great.

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