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crazy hectic

It has been a crazy and hectic last 3 weeks for us here in the Eggleston home. We went to Houston/Dallas 3 weeks ago, returned and just a few short days later our friends from Castroville came to visit. There were 4 adults, 4 children and 4 dogs in our home! So crazy but so much fun!!! They left on Sunday and then this Tuesday my mom mentioned she was going to Monterey to visit our family. She had come over so I can buy here the insurance online for Mexico. She was going to be leaving in 1 hour. I get this wild hair up my woo-hoo and decide that Cole and I should go too. So we pack up and go. We returned Thursday and my cousin and her 2 children came back with us to visit. They left Saturday and Cole and I are exhausted! However, we’re ready to do it all over again. Let’s see, who can we visit????

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