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Criminally Advanced!?

It’s been a few months now that every time I get close to ovulation time in my cycle I am exhausted. Like exhausted like I can’t keep my eyes open but my body feels good. Weirdest thing. Maybe I am just now noticing. But right now, I should be in bed but I felt guilty about having neglected my blog for so long. So much has happened and I am such a flake I know I won’t remember if I don’t blog when it happens.

I had been missing church for a few weeks straight that when we finally went back I dreaded having to convince Cole to go. He’s not crazy about being left in the u=nursery. But we went and he didn’t fight me. I told him he could take a truck into church. That seemed to please him. When we walked in to the nursery, he saw a pile of fire trucks and police cards and others trucks he handed me his and gave me a kiss. Just like that. It was that easy. After church I went back for him and he didn’t want to leave! He’s been asking all week now if we can go back to church. I had been praying about Cole not having a negative association with church and I was quite pleased to see my prayers had been answered.

Cole is also liking school. Wanting to go and not wanting to leave. It is so comforting knowing that the decision to go and stay at school is his now.

And he’s learning so much. I was trying to show off to my mom who has decided to return to school to be an interpreter that I can sign my alphabet. I signed facing Cole but he wasn’t impressed. He looks at me when I finished (turns out I only remembered to F) and then he picks up his hand and shows me one finger. “One” he yells. Um hum, got it, bragging isn’t ever fun.

He’s also learning to be sneaky. He is not allowed to take cars into school. Last week he asked me for shorts that had pockets. He was very specific. I think I was in a hurry and he didn’t end up with pockets but he then insisted on carrying his lunch box in the car. Fine. When we got to his classroom, I reached in to take his snack out and I found 3 cards in there!

It still hadn’t dawned on me the following day when he asked me for pocket shorts. I dressed him in shorts with pockets and that time he tried to sneak in cars in his pockets!

Then, just when I thought I had problems, when I picked him up this afternoon, he tried to leave the class with some other student’s cars in his pockets. 3 of them! It was a total fluke that I found them. He even told the teacher they were his, in front of me!

So it’s been frustrating. A small problem to have considering all that has transpired these last few weeks but I don’t have a clue how to discipline or teach him about stealing and lying and being sneaky. Is this normal or my child a little criminally advanced for his age?

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