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Dough Boy

I was sick as a dog Sunday. I stayed in bed ALL DAY. I mean All. Freakin’. Day. I have the best husbnad and mother in law ever. They watched Cole for me and let me get better.

Monday rolled around and I was feeling much better but still tired so I pleaded with the boss to let me take it easy that day. My toddler was all like REQUEST DENIED!

So I gave him his cheese slice. Then he said he wanted apple juice. Having been sick the day before, there were no clean sippy cups. So I gave him his juice in a cup, with no lid because pulling out a straw would have proved too strenuous. He spilled it conveniently next to the dirty towels pile that didn’t get washed also due to said sickness.

Fine, just a little hiccup in our day. So I decided to check my email and reply to a few clients and Cole was standing behind me, leaning on the couch. I heard liquid hitting the tile floor. Before I can even turn around, he says gleefully, “Mommy I gotta go potty.” So I turn around and sure enough, he’s standing in a puddle of piss. So I give him a “mini bath”. Just hose him down and get him dressed.

I sit him on the couch for Cars to babysit him while I bathe. I am in the shower and he comes in and says “I’m hungry. I want pancakes.”

“Be right out to make you some, love.” Yeah. I’m still surprisingly chipper because I’m all doped up on NyQuil and Robitussin and antibiotics.

I get out and get dressed and I walk into the kitchen to find a reenactment of this. Remember the Powder Room fiasco? Well I do, because I’m still cleaning it! That’s right! 3 months later I still find little mounds of baby powder in Cole’s room.

Silver Lining – something to blog about. “Quick Cole, smile for the camera!”

Those towels on the floor are from the apple juice I had cleaned up. The clothes is from the laundry that was being washed as the sickies struck.

Will got home and Cole was spinning circles around him. Like really trying to get dizzy. He was yelling and just being wild. Full of energy. Will looks at me bewildered and asks, “Has he been like this all day?”

If he only knew!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! girl your kitchen!! LMAO!! you poor thing, you should have called I could have taken Cole for the day so you could have rested. Next time call me…but warn me so I can lock my pantry up first! LOL

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