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Food Tiding

This year has been quite a blessed one for the ladies of our MOPS group. We have 2 babies due later this year and one new baby boy. So what we have decided to do is that everyone in our MOPS group signs up to take the newest Momma a meal for their family to enjoy. I will be taking Will’s famous Chicken and Rice Casserole, a personal favorite of our family. One in which I hesitate to share the recipe for. I don’t know what it is about sharing this particular recipe. Maybe if I give it to everyone we won’t be able to use it to entertain people with so then we’ll never be social again???? Anyhow, I am still not ready to share but I will be making it for Anne and her family on Wednesday. I’ll be sure ot take some pics of me prepping it and maybe you can all guess what goes in it;)
The way we decided to do it is through a schedule we all sign up for on FoodTidings.com. I haven’t had much time to go in and play around with it but it seems pretty neat. I think it’s a way to plan who will take what, when, and where to who??? If you get to check it out before I do, let me know how it all works.
Now, I do love me some Eggleston Chicken and Rice Casserole,… would it be weird to sit in with the happy family and stuff my face too?

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