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Good Boy Mommy

My mom, bless her heart, came over Wednesday and helped me clean the house from top to bottom. We spent the entire day doing it. But my house looks fantastic! She even managed to help me move furniture around in Cole’s room and the living room.

With the new placement of Cole’s crib, it is hard to get behind the crib to get his toys that have been thrown, pushed, or rolled back there without having to move 2 other pieces of furniture.

So naturally, when Cole’s “firetruck” had fallen back there he asked me to get it for him. After 15 minutes of trying to get it with the broom, I decided to wedge myself in his crib and reach for it. No avail, my little hands didn’t reach. So I got one of his books and finally I was able to get it.

I hand it to Cole and he says, “Good boy Mommy.”

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