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Guess what?

It’s been a busy week at work and at home. I have Dias Festivos starting for me tomorrow and it has been so relaxing this time around. I am actually enjoying it. Last year was crazy because we were out of town until the day of and there was a lot of last minute scrambling.

I didn’t go to work today nor will I go tomorrow trying to help out Junior League with the event. I also have some news that I have been waiting for weeks to announce. No it’s not that:(

My last day of work will be January 16. I had originally planned on not returning after the holidays but the semester ends for us in the new year so I decided to stay until then. I had to wait to say anything because I had to tell the school first and I needed to make sure they would release me from my contract.

I will be staying home with Cole. I’ll continue to do the etiquette consulting and the designing part time from home.

Oh even better news: my mom is retiring December 19! I am sooo excited for her, and me! That woman has worked herself to the core, she needs a break. Just when I thought she could relax, she decided to get a job doing taxes during tax season. That woman just does not rest! I am amazed by her energy. We are excited to maybe get to travel a bit. I just can’t believe my mom is going to retire and be home. Now she has more time for me:) I can’t wait!

What else, what else? Oh I got this amazing photo printer. It prints out all sizes of photos borderless! It also prints onto CDs and DVDs but I haven’t figured out how.

Cole is using two and three words together now. I was rocking him the other night and Yaya was in the bathroom and she moved something and it made a noise. Cole looked up at me and said, “Yaya doing”. He wanted to know what Yaya was doing.

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