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Happy Father’s Day Will!!!!

Now, proud as I am of Will’s Father’s Day gift, it was not what I had originally intended to give. But as I was gallivanting about in San Antonio with dear long time friends, I perhaps did not have time to finish, er, begin his wonderful gift.

It was supposed to be a hardcover book completely done by me with at least 20 pages, custom cover and all…..nonetheless, it didn’t happen. Mind you this was also supposed to be Mimi’s and Nana’s Mother’s Day gifts and they are anxiously awaiting theirs.

But what I did get Will was this collage, aka storyboard, that I also sell on my website. It is a 10×20 double matboard. Neddless to say, Will loved it. I mean loved it. (Can you hear me singing that all opera-style?-cuz I am)

Just wanted to let you catch a glimpse of Will’s Father’s Day here in the Eggleston home. Must go now and get crackin’ on some albums…..

Happy Father’s Day all you daddies!!!!

P.S. You can get your own custom storyboard or collage from Chic Farm Designs!

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