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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

We started the day late, woke up about 10 am and Will left to Mimi’s to help with the food. I stayed home to get dressed and bathe Cole.Then, he was upset that Yaya took him out of the shower and left his “tuck” (truck). He threw a fit and came back into the bathroom crying. “Down” he says patting the counter. He’s still a little confused with the whole up versus down thing but wer’e working on it. So, in an attempt to make my life easier, I put him on the counter.
He was content and let me finish getting ready. We left for Thanksgiving lunch at Mimi’s and Will was hard at work…

Delicious, as usual. Cole was so excited to see Uncle Mark and Uncle Darrin’s “puppies” that he wanted nothing to do with Nana, or anyone else for that matter. Nana was not happy about that!
Nana will also not be very happy when she reads this post and sees this picture! I am Thankful mother that you don’t get angry very much…

My dad invited Stan, an old family friend over for Thanksgiving. He’s an older widowed man. This is the 2nd or 3rd year that he has spent the holiday with us. I always tease Will that he and Nanny might hook up and when he found out Stan was coming over he said “he better not get any ideas”. Well, they hit it off! I wouldn’t call it a “love connection” but they had a lot in common.
Meanwhile, in the living room, Cole was making a love connection with Tata. He was having a grand ‘ol time playing with him and he kept giving him random hugs and kisses. It was too too cute!
Then he started loving on Mimi and Nana. He kept giving them kisses, one for Mimi, one for Nana, one for Mimi, one for Nana…Then, the rest of the time, we were yelling at Cole to get his finger out of his nose! This is the newest thing of his. He thinks it’s hilarious. We kinda do too, but sh, don’t tell him. We were trying to take a nice family picture and all the while he had his finger up his nose.
We kept pulling it out and he got fed up. No nice family picture if he could’nt poke his nose. No nice family picture it is! We gave up, called it a day and went home for a nap. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

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