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Haute Mama

Seriously, imagine being pregnant and looking like this (at 34 weeks!!!!):Does this not look like the work of the photographers and models that grace magazines today????Let me just tell you that this model and this photographer grace the Rio Grande Valley! Do I not have some talented and beautiful friends????

I will not reveal who my friend is (and if you know please don’t say!!!) but I will reveal the marvelous lady that captured these shots. Her name is Melissa Rodriquez of Melissa Rodriguez Photography. I have mentioned her before on my blog. But what a neat idea for this session! Model was a wee bit shy about the “Maternity Boudoir” theme and she did get the traditional shots as well. But Melissa wanted to try something different on for size and I am so glad she did and that her model obliged. Because it’s just pure art and how in the world can you keep that a secret?

If you’re pregnant and want to capture these precious moments in the beauty and glory that it is, call Melissa!

So sadly, I have never had professional pictures taken because of that whole being poor thing. But if I get pregnant and look like that, I am selling my newborn to get these shots!!!!!

That was just a sneak peek. Click on the picture and it will take you to Melissa’s blog and you can see the rest. Really! What are you waiting for? They are fantastic!

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