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Hello Kristina!

I have a public blog so that everyone can read it. I like sharing my family life with everyone. Rumor has it however that someone very interesting is reading my blog. Because of this, I have to be very very careful what I post on this blog.

My sister has a stalker who is now my stalker. Her name is Kristina. She has found my blog and is now an avid reader scanning it for information on my sister. I will no longer be posting about my sister or her son, Kaindan, because google searches on them bring my blog up. It’s pretty neat, try it. I’ve made sure to hide all posts about my sister and Kaindan so she finds this particular one. Hopefully she “googles” it again soon and finds this little note:

Hello Kristina! I’d love to hear from you, we all would, so please post a comment or email me.


  1. Thank you so much for making a blog all about me. I feel so special…so really thank you. so how old are you? because for someone to waste their time writing blogs about people, i would think you’re like maybe 15. so Vanessa, you need to grow up. And plus i had nothing to do with finding your blog. Daniel was the one that found Kaindan’s pictures and he doesnt want them on your blogs. so once again grow up and get a life another than “blogging”.

  2. Vann, I happen to love your blog and the updates. Don’t listen to “stalkers” who obviously have nothing better to do than read your blogs. Please keep “blogging”!

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