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Hello Tantrums and Time Outs

I got home from work yesterday and I was just exhausted so Will, sweet as he is, offered to go grocery shopping and to take the little one along so I can nap. It was about an hour later that I heard Cole crying hysterically. So after about 5 minutes of the yelling/crying/screaming I decide to get up and go see what was the matter.

We can’t take Cole into HEB without him seeing and wanting those damn balloons. Fine, whatever, I buy him one, get one for free, it puts a smile on his face which puts a smile on mine too. He had a green one I bought 2 weeks ago that he still walks around the house with (I know-hard to believe it still floats). Will gets him a free one and for a split second Cole is content. Then he went ballistic on him. He cried at HEB, in the car, and at home.

Even I couldn’t console him. It was like colic-can 19 month olds be “colicky”? Temper tantrum it is then. Well, I put him in time out and he stayed there and it worked! It was his first time-out!

We still don’t know what “set him off”, perhaps it was that the balloon was blue and not green. Anyway, we got rid of that balloon as soon as it was out of his sight.

Oh dear, how long does this stage last????

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