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Ho! Ho!

Even big boys beleive in Santa! Here we have Santa 1 and Santa 2:

Oh my, what a whirlwind of a weekend! It was so much fun! You wouldn’t believe the beautiful questions the littles asked the Santas. Some questions and requests:

Is it cold in the North Pole?

What do you feed the reindeer? (Santa replied “Candy, of course!”)

One little boy told Santa that all he wanted for Christmas was to have a happy Christmas. Santa asked him if he wanted anything else and he said, “just a happy Christmas”. Melted our hearts.

Some of the greatest pictures were of the parents trying to get their kids to smile for the camera. They were pulling tricks out of their hats left and right. It was so cute to see so much enthusiasm.

Now I have to say Thank You Thank You to my Santas, Will and Blaine. Dad didn’t have to be Santa at all because these super troopers did it all. Dad was happy about that:)

Especially a big thank you to Drs. Blaine and Jana Hendrick! They worked almost 15 hours this weekend and all volunteer. We tried to slip some money in their pockets but it ended back up in mine. What we would have done without you? Santa Blaine even had a tough time because he was Santa during the Tea with Santa and those little girls are demanding! They started dancing and they wanted funky or techno music. The beat was too slow with the Christmas songs. Santa Blaine had to dance and he was awesome. A natural Santa, so jolly and friendly. Thanks guys, we owe you big: looks like we’ll be laying some tile in your house here soon!Clare Bear, a good friend of my sister’s, also helped out all day Saturday and Sunday. She was the photographer and sharp on her toes. She kept me grounded during the crazy times, and there were some when the line was backing up and all I had to do was look at her all calm and collected and it soothed me. Thank you Clare and John Paul (for giving up your mommy for the weekend).

Santa Will was excited about the ladies wanting to take pictures with him. He assured me that he was Santa and as his duty, he had to let them sit on their lap. I agreed and some pretty hot chicks got to take pictures with Santa Will. Can you guess if she was naughty or nice?Then of course we got some family pictures of is. Cole was not at all scared of Santa. That was probably because Santa’s suit was laying all over the house the last two days. He would walk by it and say, “Ho Ho” with a deep voice. He refuses to call him Santa, just “Ho Ho”.

Cole with Santa Daddy:

Cole with Santa Blaine:

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